About Advantage Marketing Information

When you want to drive your success to the next level by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, we can help. Our clients are primarily comprised of firms who recognize the powerful advantage information provides. Instead of guessing what your markets want, small investments in research pinpoint where the opportunities and dangers lie.
Advantage Marketing Information has conducted major market research projects and provided marketing consulting and analysis for regional, national and international organizations of all sizes since 1985. We’ve served clients in consumer products, consumer & professional services, manufacturing, retail, not-for-profit organizations and units of government.
Your concerns receive attention from experienced marketers focused on transforming research into insights about your markets, prospects, customers and competitors…. insights you can use to drive performance.
Advantage Marketing Information is an organized as a network of professionals with a dedicated support staff. Once your goals have been established, the right people in the network are mobilized to provide you with the answers you want.
Richard F. Nagele, Managing Director & Senior Analyst is responsible for assessing the situation, determining approNagele chamber power 1 NKpriate methodologies, mobilizing the network, participating in the analysis and presenting the findings.
Nagele has led Advantage Marketing Information since 1985. He has also served as a Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing at the University of Rhode Island, Co-founder and Managing Director, Hanson’s Landing Waterfront Restaurant, an award winning and profitable hospitality organization, and as a Territory Manager for Homelite Textron (among other positions). He is extremely involved in pro-bono activities ranging from participation in chambers of commerce to non-profits focused on historic preservation and public safety.