Do you need market and statistical data or industry studies to answer a
question or solve a problem?

An incredible amount of information is available from today’s electronic libraries on the Web.
Information includes article summaries, statistical tables, company data, data from previous studies, patent and copyright information and the like. Much of this information is reasonably priced and available within a few days . . . or hours.

To access millions of statistics, Advantage Marketing Information is a licensee of Statista, a major information provider.

If you’re looking for:
• Specific demographic data
• Lifestyle insights
• Consumer expenditure data
• Trend data by industry
• New technology or product information
• Company profiles
• Sales or market share information
• Specific references
• Sources for further interviewing
• Background prior to sales or client presentations
…the Advantage Information Retrieval service will provide you with quick and affordable answers ask us us how.

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