Identify the Real Issues; Begin to Solve Your Real Problems or ID the Major Opportunities

Do you need ideas to test? Aren’t sure what the options might be?
How about a fresh perspective, a new approach, identify alternatives, frame the issues and understand the language of your markets.
Exploratory research provides insights into the “Why and How” of customer/prospect behavior.
• Why are sales down? (What might the alternatives be?)
• How do our products fit into the process your customers use to solve problems?
• How does the decision process work?

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Major exploratory techniques will help to provide those insights and Advantage Marketing Information is experienced in all.
• Focus groups
• Depth interviewing
• Expert interviewing
• Case studies

Exploratory studies are often best conducted by a research firm for these reasons:
• Client identity may be kept confidential
• Bias is minimized
• New solutions are explored without the blinders that often develop over time within an organization

Advantage Marketing can help you to Identify the real issues; and begin to solve your
real problems and find your most lucrative opportunities

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